Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

How do you do today?
Are you having hard times at work?
I have no idea why I ask you this while I know there’s 90% probability you’ll answer “yes”

Did you have enough sleep?
Have you eaten breakfast yet?
Have you taken your vitamins?
So many questions I want to ask…

I meet you everyday but I realize that we don’t have much quality time
I’m not good at household works, I’m not good at conversation either, but I think I’m pretty good at writing
That’s why I write this
Although I know there’s only 10% probability you’ll read this

I love you so much, Mom
So much…
I know you’d been having hard times all of this moment
I always adore your toughness and independency
You’re my trend-setter, hero, idol, and my number one teacher

I’m glad starting by now you won’t be alone anymore
I believe He’ll be your perfect guardian
I don’t mean to leave you
But there are times when this pain tortures me too much
A severe pain attacks me more and more often nowadays
In my head…
In my chest…
I want to stay alive
I want to accompany you to our holy city soon
But I don’t know how long I can stand this pain…

I don’t want to leave you
But if there’s nothing I can do anymore to stand this pain…
At least I already know that you won’t be alone again
I love you Mom…

With Love,
Your Daughter

*it’s just a story*

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